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The Founder

Mariam Adeola Gbadebo

Mariam Adeola Gbadebo is the visionary founder of the Mariam Adeola Gbadebo (MAG) Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing women’s health, economic empowerment, and environmental sustainability in Africa. Her personal journey, marked by resilience and determination, has been the driving force behind the foundation's impactful work.

Mariam Adeola Gbadebo


The MAG Foundation

The MAG Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental organization dedicated to fostering transformative change by enhancing women’s health, economic power and advocate for climate justice in Nigeria and across Africa. MAG Foundation was founded in 2023 and was inspired by its founder’s journey having endured several health challenges and most recently survived end stage renal disease/Chronic Kidney disease having stood at the forefront, acknowledging the gravity of mounting healthcare challenges and the often-overlooked struggles faced by kidney disease patients and transplant recipients nationally, regionally, and globally.

The MAG Foundation’s dedication to advancing women’s health, well-being, and economic power is rooted in the urgent recognition of the pervasive gender injustices that persist across the continent. Elevated rates of maternal and child mortality disproportionately burden underserved rural areas, where there is lack of quality healthcare system.  Communicable diseases such as malaria, HIV/AIDS, and tuberculosis, coupled with the prevalence of chronic illnesses like renal impairment and chronic kidney disease, further compound these health challenges in these areas. Hence, we aim to advocate for a fortified healthcare system, enhance accessibility, and elevate health infrastructure standards for a future where healthcare is equitable, accessible, and transformative for all.

At MAG Foundation, we believe that empowering women economically enhances their ability to contribute to sustainable development, positively impacting families, communities, and nations. MAG Foundation views women’s empowerment as a fundamental human rights imperative. Empowered women positively influence health outcomes, education, and community well-being. When women are given equal opportunities, they become catalysts for positive change, breaking the cycle of poverty and contributing to the holistic development of their communities.

MAG Foundation is further committed to fighting climate change, we raise ecological awareness and promote sustainable practices for a healthier Africa. We believe that embedding sustainability principles ensures that positive changes are lasting, contributing to a sustained improvement in women’s health, well-being, and economic power in Africa.


To have an African society where women live healthy, fulfilling lives and contribute productively to economic activities.


To advance women’s health, well-being, and economic power in Africa through sustainable initiatives.


Our Objectives

At MAG Foundation , we have following at the core of our objectives.

To enhance Women’s Health outcomes, emphasizing early detection, prevention, and management across Africa.

To raise ecological awareness and promote sustainable practices, contributing to a healthier Africa.

To Promote Economic Empowerment as a Strategic Imperative to breaking the cycle of poverty.

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